Hi, I'm Marcus. I'm the creator of the comic book series Lightning Strike, a story inspired by my personal experiences growing up in Compton. I fell in love with drawing as a child and while growing up, I found artistic expression to be my way of coping with and making sense of my environment. It was my safe haven, a place where I felt truly alive to express all that was on my heart and mind. I have continued to create original works of art for the past two decades. My expertise is in graphic art, character development, and artistic storytelling.
Lightning Strike Artist-Writer, Marcus Newsome with young family artists/members at L.A. Comic Con 2021.  (Courtesy)
I’ve been participating in Comic Con for five years now.  I participate in the convention because I meet new people and I’m excited about sharing my story about my comic. I get to hang out with fans and see new art because I’m a fan too! 
My perspective as being a Black artist at this event is “LOVE.”  I say no, race does make a difference at Comic Cons because having a great story that’s relatable to people or someone they know, or just having great artwork makes a big difference.

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